Never Work For Free - PLAYLIST

One of the many things I love about my work is the ever present search to cultivate art, creativity, and present moment awareness. For the majority of my life I've been able to hit all three of these things through creating mixtapes, CD-R's and now the playlist.

Every month or so ( I hope ) I would love to share with everyone a playlist I've made. Most of the songs are going to tend toward setting a mood/intention.

For my first one, I am going to share with you "Never Work For Free". This is a playlist I created because I wanted to highlight some of the anxieties/excitement/dependence we all share around work, money, and "pursuit of happiness". I also wanted to create music that elevates me when I feel stifled creatively by my professional endeavoring. So many of those in our generation wander through a seemingly thick forest of insecurity and doubt. We keep wondering when we'll be able allowed to come into your own, while at the same time fearing what it means to even achieve  that success on our own terms. In many cases, achievement for ourselves might not be validated by those around us nor by the paycheck. It's important to remember to never work for free.

Always seek out the things you find that resonate with your life and sense of value.

The opening song, Anderson .Paak  "The Bird", begets some words of wisdom by describing what it means to lean into your own experiences and trusting in the guidance of those that came before us. Later songs such as "Green and Gold"; "You Never Give Me Your Money (A Beatles classic!) deal directly with  identity, dreaming, and finding love within the vulnerability of losing it all. Towards the end, I threw in some good jams "Cocaine Model" (No, I am not promoting cocaine usage. Let's just get high to power of the beat.) to get you going until that next eventual coffee break. I would say this is a fairly calm playlist that can be played in a number of situations and generally good to set yourself with a strong spirit. The last song has a tongue-in-cheek reference to my job as a psychologist. Thank you in advance to all the artists featured here.

Hope you enjoy!

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