King Kong

I am sitting with my daughter and wife watching the re-make of King Kong by Peter Jackson.

On the screen in front of us,

the tremendous force and rage of a gargantuan Gorilla pummels a thriving landscape.His roar reflecting an inner violence, one that comes from the external threat of other people.

A female lead is pulled, against her will, away from seeing what is to be the capture and possible end of her new found  protector, a bond formed on an island where danger has lurked at every corner.

At the moment she is taken off screen,

Kong thrusts himself from his shackles and seeks to rescue her. 

From her own capturing and being brought from the danger of the isle to what would be a death in the form of confinement in civilization.

For Kong and the woman,

the island may hold no safety, it also holds no cages.