Local Inspirations

Haitian author, Edwidge Danticat, related in her work "Create Dangerously," that individuals need to imagine what they're creating is worth someone dying to experience. Whether it is our words, deeds, or ideas at some point in time, someone out there might relate to what we've set out to do as a matter of life or death. The freedom we enjoy to explore forms of media, art, and culture is not something that is a given to everyone. It's vital to remember that anything you create could be of potential value to anyone.

Seeing this person who I've only met once in my life, lay bear the anxiety of starting something is nothing short of astounding. Within a country where your very physical presence is at least a question and at worse a sentence for harm, this is an example of brilliance and triumph. To see a young person go up against the odds to create something new and "dangerous". The danger of course, is the spark, a light that might one day for someone else set the fire.

2018 is hopefully the year where we set our sights to disrupt the paradigms that have held us in before. If there can be lesson learned from the ills of 2017, let it be that we do not have to be quiet, civil, or obedient. 

Let us be loud, connected, and free.

Let's create something new, provocative, and even dangerous.