Playlist - Dear Santa Please Give Me Something I Can Believe In

December 2018 Playlist

The evenings of December

lost somewhere in Chicago 

Our last opportunity 

to reclaim whatever warmth is left in the year

how did this all go by so fast

You ask

What is forgiveness?

How do we seek for it from others?

without the narcissistic pursuit

can’t formulate the words

“I’m sorry”

 without bringing yourself into it

Maybe that’s the key

Starting with yourself first

then turn your attention to whomever needs it too

Look them in the eye

Don’t say “I forgive you”

That’s presumptuous 


Well actually

Just listen first

not with your ears

But to how a person is feeling

How they sort of slump into their chair

the way they carry themselves across the room

cross your eyes if you have to

Imagine them as a new being

Someone you’ve never met before

Someone you’d like to get to know better

someone who you’re not afraid to start over with

Because there isn’t really any end

Gently tap them on the shoulder

Looking them squarely or circularly or interdimensionally 

And say


are always welcome 


with me.”